On December 3th, 2005 the first meeting of the Silva Iaponicarum editorial board was held at Warsaw University. Althouth Silva is edited remotely, some issues have to be discussed directly. It was actually the first time that all board members could meet.


The meeting was a good opportunity to re-examine more than a year of the board activity and Silva's existence. A significant part of it was devoted to the questions concerning better communication between the board members (to achieve a better Silva as its result) and the steps to be taken in order to have the Silva fascicles reviewed in near future. We have also discussed the current editorial issues related to Fascicle 5. (autumn 2005) that will soon be in print.


For the first time also we had an opportunity to take the photos of the board members.


And here are the photos:





Standing, from left:

Ms. Anna Zalewska, Dr. Arkadiusz Jablonski, Dr. Maciej Kanert, Dr. Iwona Kordzinska-Nawrocka.





United in Silva Iaponicarum we stand...


We hope that the results of the meeting will soon become noticeable for our readers.



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